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Scout Meeting

It was another busy tonight for the Bremore Scouts. We had visitors from a local Special Needs support group called Remember Us. They were visiting us with about 30 of their members and helpers to see what our scout group gets up to. We started our meeting as usual reciting our Charter –







LaughteR (Backwards)

and then heading straight outside for a game of Dodgeball. We played it last week, but it is a favourite game for the guys and girls from Remember us so we didn’t mind playing again with them. We spli

t into two teams and everyone got involved.

When we finished the game, we grabbed the tents and headed for the garden at the side of the building. It was the Jaguar Patrol’s turn to learn how to pitch the Icelandic Tent. The Cobra and Raven Patrols pitched the dome tents. It was a bit chaotic as the folks from Remember Us were very interested in pitching the tents too and helped by holding the tent and belting in pegs with the mallets. Some of them are in another local scout group and so knew what to do. We eventually got the tents pitched and Brendan explained the finer details of the Icelandic tent to the Jaguars and to Alan (who is learning as well), while Ciaran went over the info for the dome tents. Fiona was the liaison with our guests so she made sure that they were all ok. They left us at 9pm so that gave us time to make sure that the tents came down properly and were packed away correctly. Unfortunately there wasn’t time for a game at the end of the meeting, but we did remind the scouts about the Darkness into Lightevent on Friday night / Saturday morning. We also gave them some information about the County Challenge Day on 16th May, which will be a treasure hunt in the City Centre. We told them that they can attend as a Patrol if they wanted and that some of the leaders would be present to help out if needed.

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