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Special Interest Badges @ Scouts

Some of the lads decided it was way more fun to be out running around in the dark than to be in the meeting so we started a few minutes late as we had to send out a search party for them.

Following our recital of the charter, we went straight into a game of 4 way Tug O War. Brendan tied 4 ropes to and old bike tyre and each patrol had to try to pull it to their side. The patrols were very evenly matched and the struggle took a good while to sort out. The Cobra patrol were the eventual winners when Alan “slipped” and had to grab hold of the Cobras end of the rope to stop himself from falling over. It really took a lot out of the scouts and so we decided to do a few one on one battles.

When the Tug O War was over, we settled into our patrol corners. As part of the Terra Nova Badge, the scouts had to give a presentation on something that was of interest to them to the rest of their patrol. Ciaran was’t at the meeting tonight so each of the remaining 4 leaders, Fiona, Alan, Brendan, and our new German Leader Thomas took a patrol each and listened to the presentations. There was everything from Irish Dancing to Piano playing to Goal Keeping to applying make-up.

After Jack had gotten his make-up done by Ciara, it was his turn to give a presentation on his special interest. Jack like Hip Hop, so the Wolf patrol with the assistance of Brendan wrote a Hip Hop song about our scout troop.

Ain’t no Playing about, no debatin’,

Ain’t gonna’ settle for any bare ratings

89th Bremore, we rise to the top,

The ranks of all the other troops will drop

We go camping in the hills,

In out tents, ain’t got no mortgage, ain’t got no bills

We go Hiking, Biking, we be liking it a lot,

But you know that ain’t all we got

89th Bremore we ain’t dry,

Wear sunblock so we don’t fry

Straight outta’ Bremore, Gotta get to know, man

Northside of Balbriggan, gotta’ represent the fam

8 to the 9, lookin’ so fine, We got the looks, but not the time

Don’t speak to us if you can’t rhyme

Camping in the East, Camping in the West,

Camping in our Trousers, Camping in our Vests

Sleepin’ underneath the stars, you know we are gonna’ go far, we’ll get there in our parents cars

5 leaders straight pure legends, know how to correctly teach the lesson

We 89th Bremore, Start to run

That’s all we gotta’ say


We’re done.

Not everyone had something prepared so we will have to revisit this again soon. To end the meeting we played a game. Each patrol lined up behind their PL making an “X”. In the middle was a cone. The person at the back of the line had to run around the other patrols whatever number of times Brendan called out before going through their own patrols legs to try to grab the cone. It was a race. It was great fun and there was some fierce competition.

Everyone was reminded that we will be Ice Skating next week for our Christmas outing and that we will be meeting in Swords at 6:45. There will be an ice skating competition and the winner will decide where we go to eat afterwards.

It was a great meeting tonight.

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