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Scout Meeting

We were without Brendan for tonight’s meeting as he was off literally flying the flag in Austria on a Snowboarding Trip.

After the usual recital of our section Charter it was straight into a game of crab football. It’s always a favourite and despite best efforts, the score was kept quite low.

The leaders decided to set the scouts a challenge as part of their Terra Nova work. They would have to cook a meal in 2 weeks time for the whole patrol using only one pot. Each patrol had to decide on their meal and work out how to cook it and of course who was going to cook it as well. Oh yeah and the budget was €2 per person.

The idea was that this would be one of the final exercises for everyone to complete the Terra Nova badge. However, as only 4 of the scouts remembered to bring their Books with them, it was difficult to go through the work covered so far. Ciaran and Fiona spent some time going back over the requirements and the importance of brining the books with them each week.

To lighten the mood a bit, Alan ran a relay game. Each patrol lined up at the end of the hall with a plastic pint glass at the other end opposite them. The scouts had to put a coin between their knees and get to the cup without dropping the coin and then try to drop the coin into the cup. It was a great laugh and we are sure that this game will make a return appearance some time in the near future.

The meeting ended with some info on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the upcoming 1916 commemoration camp.

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