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Chief Scout Award - Community

Yes we are back! Busy out and about and we've not even officially started (at the time of writing this post!).

We had four of our Chief Scout Award scouts meet up under the viaduct this weekend. As background information, we have for the past few years been maintaining the planters and benches as part of the Balbriggan Tidy Towns Adopt a Plot scheme.

Everyone was eager to start painting but first there was a little bit of prep required. The scouts had to scrape off any old peeling paint off the benches.

Once that was done they had to decide how they wanted to work the colour scheme. In fairness we kept the colour scheme simple, just two colours (black and blue) but they had free reign on whether they wanted to go with a pattern or not. Then they got started. I thought this would take some time but they moved at some speed and got it done in no time.

We stuck up the WET PAINT signs.

Whilst the scouts were painting/finishing off the benches a couple of us were already making a start on the planters. They, like the benches, definitely needed a new lick of paint, thanks to all the pigeons roosting under the bridge.

Like I said before this part was dodgy. The pigeons were having fun eyeing us up and taking aim and in fairness they were pretty good! One got a bulls eye in the tin of paint (not sure if that was the pigeon's intention but hey he/she did well) and the other one got me on the head!

Any way we were joined by our resident horticulturist and he tackled the green end of things. He has some good plans in mind for said planters so we are looking forward to that.

So all in all we got through all the paint and I mean we got through the black paint. The kids were great. They kept going till it was all done. They planted their pot plants that they brought down with them and headed off after what I hope was a fulfilling day for them. Because whenever they pass the benches and the planters they can have the satisfaction of knowing that they were involved in making it look like brand new all over again!

Thank you guys and girls for helping out, it's very much appreciated.

Pigeons do your worst...and I've checked they've already started :(

(Apologies for the odd finger in the photos but photos were taking with paint covered hands so it was delicate manoeuvring to avoid destroying my phone)

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