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December 9, 2019

September 1, 2019

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Scout Hike - The First Goose Chase

November 10, 2019

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Scouts in Ballinteer Den

October 30, 2018

Finally our first overnight with our scouts.  We had planned a weekend in Larch Hill in September but due to red warnings etc we took the decision to cancel that event.  We would rather err on the side of caution than take any unnecessary risks.  So everything was crossed that the weather would hold out for this weekend so that we could actually start going somewhere with the kids! It was all good, green light, proceed to go!


We picked Ballinteer Den as our base. It's near Marlay Park. It's straight down the M50 so accessible to everyone by car.  I have to say we would highly recommend the den, it ticked so many boxes that we have added it to our "go to" list of dens.


12 scouts arrived at the den on Friday night. It was already bitterly cold but thankfully the den was pumping with heat.  The kids and scouters checked out the facilities. All good. Once everyone had arrived and the kids had chilled a bit we got on with one of first activities.


A quick discussion around the house rules for the weekend and we were good to go.  It was agreed that the PLS would manage the Phone Bank and that phone usage would be limited over the weekend so that the kids got to know each other better. 


A quick game of Salt and Pepper (a match the pairs game), once the kids were buddied up they had to decide who was ok with being blindfolded. Once decided they had to go out in the hall. Meanwhile inside the hall the others started building an obstacle course from scratch. They could use whatever they wanted, so they raided the stores and anything that could be moved and they dug in.  There was involvement by all and discussion by all and then a trial run. The Health and Safety Committee (ie the scouters) after a couple of tweaks were happy for them to proceed. One by one the pairs reconnected and they had to be led blindfolded around the room. Part of the challenge involved drawing a stick man or woman and writing ones name. This was indeed hilarious! Pics below. There was diving through bouncy balls for a Harry Potter trump card, Sarah nearly hit the rough with excitement at the thoughts of this! We nearly had to pull a couple of the scouts out of the container - it was very very funny!

The obstacle course took up some time and in fact each team was timed. The fastest couple were Aaron and Sarah and the cutest picture was Griffin's! 


After tidying up we gave the scouts a tarp and they had to flip the tarp over without anyone coming off the tarp or using their hands. ... I know how to do this now :)

 Well done guys ... take a bow.


It was getting quite late now. Having taken on board the feedback from summer camp where some of the scouts really wanted a late supper, they decided at the previous scout meeting to have tea and toast with jam or choc spread.  So tea and toast etc was served.  One final task before bed build a contraption to protect their egg.  The egg(s) were going to be thrown from a height and the patrol whose egg survived the impact wins the challenge