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December 9, 2019

September 1, 2019

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Scout Hike - The First Goose Chase

November 10, 2019

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Turvey Woods - a backwoods experience

December 9, 2018

The scouts asked for a backwoods day. So we got in touch with Fingal CoCo and sorted out the insurances. Our original date was't going to work so we reschedule for the 8th December.


Based on what the scouts requested in our weekly meetings, we ran up to Tesco to get fresh food for the day. Cedric the bear gave us a hand! 

We rendezvoused at 10.30am at Turvey Allotments with 11 scouts, 2 venture scouts and 2 cub scouts, Catherine, Sean and myself. 


The scouts were in great form, well prepared and excited to get out again.

Everyone took something to carry and we made our way down to the campfire area.  First things first, cup of coffee, and get Sean's hammock up which was immediately commandeered by a cub scout and Cedric!


The scouts also investigated the area and this is what they do when they go exploring. Thank you Alex D for your photos!


We were then joined by Ross, one of our scouter friends from 49/136 Swords who very kindly took the time out of his busy day (and it was a busy day) to go through fire etc with the kids. He explained about fire, different ways of creating fire and demonstrated the various ways. The scouts were hooked. There wasn't a word out of anyone whilst they soaked up his words. A MASSIVE thank you to Ross for this. 



We decided that we needed to get a fire going so myself , Sean, Alex and Keeva worked on this. But everything was damp, despite the fact that we had dry tinder with us and our fire starting kits it just wasn't working. We were getting frustrated but didn't give up. In the end when we had a spark and yet another "nest" of fire etc Ross came over and put three or four "feather sticks" on our fire and hey presto we had a fire that was happily burning, after that it was just a question of feeding the fire and that was our main fire for the day.


Ross had to head, like I said he had a lot on yesterday, and our PL's and APl's with their patrols took a corner each and started lighting fires. All I can say is despite the fact that everything was just damp they didn't give up.  Charlie kept going and got his fire started. Thank you for bringing extra bits of wood too btw, they came in handy!  Sarah and Griffin got some chunks of chicken, stock cube and a bit of oil and wrapped it in silver foil and when they had hot embers placed their parcels on Charlie's fire.


Luke and Antony, our venture scouts, took control of the half-barrel and again with perseverance got their fire going. Aaron cooked amazing bacon, sausies and onions. When I next turned around (got dizzy from all the smoke of the fire making) Alex D had a parcel of cooked peppers ready..for something amazing later on! Molly was working on her fire, Ruth and Sophia joined her with their tinder supplies. Jossica and Patrick were working on food prep. Sarah helped Ellie May to cut some more onions. There wa