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Scout Hike - The First Goose Chase

November 10, 2019

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Battling the elements to pioneer ? Scouts didn't care!

Our Scouts are pretty into their pioneering to be fair, considering that we don't have a den to call home and accessing gear is not so easy as arrangements have to be made! So when the call to pioneer something is made we get a good reaction. 


Fortunately, one of our scouters has a stash of pioneering poles at his place and with a date picked we rendezvoused near his abode.


We had a good turn out of scouts plus one venture scout, which was good to see because the forecast was not great! Apologies now if I make frequent references to the weather... it was one of those days ...weatherwise!


We had everything we needed, scouts, a venturer, sisal, poles, great attitude and the adults!  We were ready to go. 


One of our PLs, Seanie, sorted out patrols for the day.  It was agreed that we wanted a good distribution of pioneering knowledge - peer to peer learning at its best.  As usual the scouts who had knowledge to depart rose to the challenge and their peers receptive to it all. 


Brendan one of our Venture leaders, had kindly printed out a sheet of gadgets to build as a guide for the kids.  They had a look and got started bearing in mind that they could build their own version of the gadget so that it ultimately they could see how it was might or might not work, what they could build on and tweak or change.  Aaron had a plan, Charlie had a plan and Seanie's patrol had a plan. 


[Weather reference - it started raining - it was windy!]


We generally left them to it in terms of starting the gadgets and arranging themselves, as in case you've not picked up on it yet, we are very much a section focused on letting the young scouts take charge and work independently of us (with guidance of course) but to gain experience in running the show as best they can and that to be honest is a great reward for us adults when you see it slowly starting to take shape.  


Tripods slowly started appearing.  Lashings were being lashed and frappings were being frapped.  One of our newer Scouts, Sophia, was very eager to show off her skills that she'd picked up on our Portmarnock weekend with Josica keeping a watchful eye on matters. 


Brendan, Catherine, Mary and the two Fionas mingled passing on their words of wisdom which were taken on board! :). I had some great ideas .....thanks Brendan!


There were some very nice lashings on view, certainly you could see advice given in P'nock was being taken on board this weekend, neat lashings for a start.  No long poles sticking out for knees to walk into.


Lunchtime arrived (and it was raining properly) so the kids piled into our cars to get warm, eat and get warmer.  In the meantime outside the scouters stood in the rain admiring my now empty coffee cup, whilst Catherine and Mary enjoyed a hot cuppa with rain droplets!  Sorry Fitz, you'd just left :(