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December 9, 2019

September 1, 2019

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Scout Hike - The First Goose Chase

November 10, 2019

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Cubs hit Collon

December 9, 2019

Finally the day arrived 7th December. A couple of months ago Linda and Fiona met over coffee (you'll see a theme here) and had agreed to do a combined cub outing. All of us had been counting down the days and hoping that the rain would hold off and we could get the kids out before Christmas. It was forecast that there'd be a 10% chance of rain. Well it was raining at 9.30 when Winnie and Fiona arrived at Collon. We hoped that the 10% would happen there and then and be done with. Our wishes were answered! By 10am it had stopped!


Everyone arrived on time for 10. I won't lie I did a double take when I saw a small bus arrive and for a moment thought... "who / what the...?" but it was Linda and her gang, yay!!! I was expecting cars :)


Scouters from both Groups got together and did a run through for the day. We all wanted to have bases, we all wanted fire, knives, axes, fire, pioneering, fire you get the idea. Because of the uncertainty with the weather which has an effect on whether we use Collon we decided to do our little shop that morning. So Fiona and Linda hit Tescos, where they didn't enjoy a freshly made Dulce Gusto Latte from a stand in the stores. Guys you wouldn't have enjoyed it...honestly.


Meanwhile back at camp Mark got the kids in a circle and got them to walk a tight rope. 


The aim is to hold the rope, lean back, right back and a cub walks along the rope. I don't know for sure if anyone made it round all the way but I know fun was had!


The cubs had all scattered to collect wood for the upcoming fire and once enough was collected they were split over the various bases.  Remember we had fire, axe, fire, knifework, fire, pioneering so much to be done.


[At this stage the shopping scouters were at the tills, sipping the coffee]


Each base was manned by respective scouters and the kids got stuck in!


 Wood collection


One of our Scouts, Adam joined us to for the day to give us a hand. He helped out the older cubs from both Groups and they built a fabulous altar fire. We have some keen pioneering cubs and scouters amongst us! Thank you Adam!!!