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89th Bremore Scout Group was founded in 2014 and is located at the northern end of Balbriggan town in North County Dublin. We are a mixed scout group allowing both boys and girls to join from age 6 to 26 and adults of any age are always welcome.

At the moment we have 5 sections – Beavers aged 6-8, Cubs aged 9-11, Scouts aged 12-15, Venture Section for teenagers aged 16-18 and Rovers for 18-25 year olds. 

We have a number of dedicated adults who volunteer to help the beavers, cubs & scouts at weekly meetings and at weekend activities, hikes, and camps, but we are always keen to meet with anyone interested in joining the team.

We currently hold our meetings in Flemington Community Centre, but are looking for our own permanent premises to build a purpose built scout den.

We are part of Fingal Scout County in the North Eastern Province.

As part of the One Program, our members train and learn in 9 key Adventure Skills of Camping, Emergencies, Hiking, Sailing, Paddling, Backwoods, Pioneering, Rowing, and Air Activities..

They can also earn Special Interest Badges any anything that they are interested in outside of scouting by completing a project in it.

All of our work with young people is underpinned by the SPICES and these are how we help young people to grow. 

World Scout Badge.png
Adventure Skills.jpg

Adventure Skills

Special Interest Badges.jpg


Ain’t no Playing about, no debatin’,
Ain’t gonna’ settle for any bare ratings
89th Bremore, we rise to the top,
The ranks of all the other troops will drop
We go camping in the hills,
In our tents, ain’t got no mortgage, ain’t got no bills
We go Hiking, Biking, we be liking it a lot,
But you know that ain’t all we got
89th Bremore we ain’t dry,
Wear sunblock so we don’t fry
Straight outta’ Bremore, Gotta get to know, man
Northside of Balbriggan, gotta’ represent the fam
8 to the 9, lookin’ so fine, We got the looks, but not the time
Don’t speak to us if you can’t rhyme
Camping in the East, Camping in the West,
Camping in our Trousers, Camping in our Vests
Sleepin’ underneath the stars, you know we are gonna’ go far, we’ll get there in our parents cars
5 leaders straight pure legends, know how to correctly teach the lesson
We 89th Bremore, Start to run
That’s all we gotta’ say
We’re done.

Jack 9.PNG
gone home.png

Special Interest


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