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Venture Camp Day 2

I’m used to sleeping in a hammock so it was difficult transitioning back to a ⛺️, but there are no 🌲 🌳 to sling up between here so it had to be done. The reason I mention his is to let you know that I didn’t sleep very well, but everyone else’s seemed to. 

We were up at 8:30 as we wanted to get a good start on the day. Believe it or not that’s early for ventures. Breakfast was al fresco at the picnic table. We started what we hope will become a new tradition that the last one up has to wear the Grumpy hat for the day. 

Emma got it today and decided that she’d wear it with pride. We packed grub for making sandwiches, rain gear, and water bottles and headed to Keem Bay at the end of the island. 

The plan was to hike, picnic and swim in the beautiful turquoise waters. The hike was to be up to the lookout point and then along the highest sea cliffs in Europe with stunning views. We were to pass by Captain Boycott’s original house along the way. The going was good and we reached the top in 40 mins after a tough climb. 

The clouds were coming and going as we walked along the cliff tops. There was a bit more of a climb to get to the high point. It was pretty breezy up there so we put on rain coats to help keep the wind away. It wa lucky because just then the rain arrived. 

On the decent, Ciara twisted her ankle badly and Ciaran and Brendan had to help her down. 🤕That slowed us down a bit, but we still made good time. 

A picnic on by the beach was enjoyed by all. Nothing fancy - ham cheese and bread with some crisps and a few 🍪 to wash them down.  After lunch, Brendan decided to go for a swim and ended up “borrowing”  a kayak from some randomers on the beach and exploring the cliffs a bit more. 

Meanwhile on the beach Adam decided he wanted to fulfil his life’s ambition and became a 🧜‍♀️ 

Following that we had a long jump competition which the boys and Jade & Mary participated in. There was clear winner. Well done Adam. 

There was also a shot put competition with another clear winner, but we don’t think the IOC will be calling Brendan any time soon. 

Dinner was back on site and was a very healthy beef stir fry with plenty of veg. 

The evenings entertainment was provided by the 3 Player as the girls watched a love stream of Love Island (what ever that is???) in our improvised bivvy again. It’s ok though as they caught up on the episodes they missed while they were at the beach earlier as you can see from the photo above. The boys played cards. Eventually he girls saw that the bous were having waaaaaaay more fun and came over to join in. Either that or the episode of Love Island was over. 

After a few good laughs and finding a new side to Donald’s personality, which made us laugh more, we turned in for the night. It was another great day. 

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