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Working on our Air Badge @ Scouts

The leaders were having a quick meeting at the front of the school on a picnic bench in the sun to go over some plans for Annual Camp before the meeting tonight and it was great to see the scouts arriving with their home made kites. There wasn’t a lot of wind, but that really didn’t matter. It was the turn of the APLs to run the first game tonight and they chose a variation of Dodgeball in the yard. We played in a bigger area with smaller balls so it was slow to get going. To help speed things up, the APLs, Ciaran, and Brendan joined in. There were a few wayward shots as only below the hips counted and poor Emma got hit twice in teh same spot on her leg in quick succession, which will probably leave a nice bruise. OUCH!! The clue is in the name Emma – DODGEball.

We were finishing off our Stage 3 Air Badge tonight – hence all of the kites. Ciaran went through some more of the theory like the Phonetic Alphabet and the planets in our solar system as well as safety around planes and airports. Next it was time to go outside and fly our kites.

Most of them were made from plastic bags. Some of them had designs and and some had tails, but all were great to see and the scouts had a great time running around trying to get them to fly. There were a few that succeeded including this brilliant one from Ellie

The Raven Patrol was also well represented with this one from Ella

We’re not sure who exactly “Megan” is, but Jessica had her kite and flew it well

When we went back inside, we had a chat with the scouts about our proposed overnight on the May Bank Holiday. Unfortunately, we will not be able to go as there are not enough leaders available. However, from next week, we will be starting to prepare for our first Group Camp in June by learning how to pitch tents and what we will need to bring on camp. for personal gear. So we briefly discussed this. We also explained that we might have some visitors from the local group Remember Us visiting us in a few weeks time so that they can see what our scout group gets up to. Since we were all sitting in a sort of a circle, we played a game of Killer Wink. Ellie was on, but nobody know it. She had to wink at people without being caught. When she did, they were to put their head down and stay quiet. It was supposed to be a quiet game, but the dead people kept making too much noise and distracting the people still in the game. It ended when Aoife shouted Ellie’s name as she was winked at.

Before the end of the meeting, Ciaran took the 4 girls who were being invested out to make sure that they knew the scout promise. We asked everyone to wear full uniform next week for the investiture and asked the girls to invite their parents down. We also explained again about the new app and reminded anyone who has not paid a deposit for camp to do so next week.

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