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V E N T A C T - 2018

So on Friday we were ready to head down to Ventact and we were BUZZING to say the least. We met at the airport and after catching up with the Briggs boys who were traveling with us we set off. 3 and a bit hours later we ended up in rainy cork. We collected our swaggy ventact merch and made some new friends. Then we were given tokens to swap for the activity we would be doing the next day.

Scraps were had trying to get tokens to match your mates but everyone was happy in the end. After that it was time to wrap up and go to bed for a full day of activity’s the next morning.

Let me tell you something the wake up call at Ventact is something else. At 7:30 in the morning they BLARE the soundtrack to good morning Vietnam and it is honestly my new favorite way to wake up.

Quick breakfast of golden nuggets (yum) and sandwich orders were taken, only to discover we didn’t bring sandwich bags. After some “creative” thinking we managed to borrow tinfoil. Everyone then got their buses to their activities. Emma and Aisling went to Glen Adventure, Adam Luke and Aoife went to West Cork secret, Rhys and all his Roverway mates went to Ballyhass and Jade and Jess went to Zipit.

Everyone had a ball. When we all got back we got a free burger from the chip van. Then it was chill time in which we made lots of new friends. Then we had our scouts own (zone) for the Ventact 40th birthday.

We reflected and had a lot of fun with light up candles. After the scouts own (zone) we got ready for the grease disco. It wasn’t very greasy but it was great craic. We all had a bop and a half and they played so great bangers. We were knackered after it so we fell into our sleeping bags.

On Sunday morning we were well prepared for the wake up call. Everyone wanted a chill morning so we all chilled on one of the tents and chatted until it was time to drop site. We packed away our stuff then went to the closing ceremony. After losing Adam about 50 times we finally made it to the shuttle bus and onto the coach home which is where I’m writing this blog now. Ventact was a vibe and an amazing weekend!

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