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Cub Camp 2018 - Larch Hill

FRIDAY The traffic was brutal and it was a long trek across the city but there is always a special feeling when you pull up to Larch Hill. You know it's camp time and that is the thing we have been looking forward to all year.

It was a little damp when we got to site but Martin and Dimi had things well in hand.

Tents were going up and the Cubs that were already on site were busy helping out. Friday afternoon was spent getting our new mess tent up, the rest of the sleeping tents and finalising the site by putting up our boundary poles and gateway.

The theme of the camp was 80 hours around the world. Larchill was celebrating its 80th birthday and 89th Bremore and the other cub groups wandered down to the opening ceremony dressed in the costume of our given area. We were in the Hong Kong sub camp. There were fireworks and cheering and everyone was excited for the upcoming activities.

Over the weekend we were joined by the two Fionas from Scouts, Silke from Beavers, Brendan from Ventures as well as having 2 of the venture scouts as staff on site. It was shaping up to be a wonderful Bremore experience.

SATURDAY It was up early on Saturday morning for the first round of fun. Bremore were on water additives first. It was drizzling a little bit the Cubs didn't mind much. The basis consisted of flinging wet sponges at each other, giant slip and slides, musical water balloons and slip rounders.

By lunch time everyone was wet through, tired and hungry. Food, showers, fresh clothes and some chill out time had Bremore back on their feet and wanting more fun. To help matters the sun came out, dried up any of the dampness and added a little sparkle to the rest of the day. The afternoon was filled with races, long jumps, giant jenga games and football. It was hard to believe we were so tired and hungry again. The Cubs had been divided up into teams taking turns cooking and cleaning. This helps with teamwork. After dinner and more chill out time we went down to a trade fair. This event is where cubs from half the groups on camp trade items they have made with the cubs from the other half. Items were in the theme of the other sub London and the USA. It was so much fun but a little crowded. The evening ended with a disco in a field. It doesn't sound like much but it was amazing. A mixture of mayhem, music and crazy dancing. It was epically loved by the Scouters who showed the Cubs some retro 90s moves! They remained somewhat unimpressed.

SUNDAY A little less umph on Sunday morning. Tired and bitten. Our ongoing war with the midges had left us a little bit redder and itchier than before. Sunday was all about scouting themed activities. First aid, pioneering, backwoods etc.

The day followed the same routine as Saturday. Fun, food, chill out and trade fair. This time however Bremore were on the trading side. The Cubs sold Chinese lanterns. It was amazing watching the kids work the crowd, drum up business and bring in the punters! They loved it. The evening then was filled with a classic camp activity Camp Fire. There were songs and marshmallows and shouts of the Bremore Yell. MONDAY The last day on camp is always manic. There is so much to do and everyone Cubs and leaders alike pitched in. Tents have to be cleared out and taken down, gear packed away and the site swept. Cubs practice “Leave No Trace" . We go over the whole area where we camped to make sure nothing is left behind. Nothing is forgotten and as best we can make it look as if we were never there.

The final part of the camp was the closing ceremony. It was here that Bremore were awarded Best Cub Group of the camp. It was a massive surprise and a true credit to the Cubs themselves. Before we knew it parents had arrived and everyone had gone home. The last part of the journey was to get all of the gear back to our storage unit, tied up and packed away.

THOUGHTS It was an amazing camp. All the kids showed such good team work skills. They pushed themselves beyond their limits and were there for each other in times of homesickness, tiredness and when they were struggling a little. Annual camp is about being a little bit scared, trying new things and leaving a better more confident scout. All the leaders know that every club from Bremore achieved this goal.

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