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County Orienteering Day

On Sunday some of our scouts took part in the Fingal Scouts County Orienteering Day in Ardgillen Park.

Orienteering is a sport including elements of navigation, fine map reading, and physical fitness. Teams it individuals have to find a number of specific points (controls) dotted around the area and prove they were there by noting down a code from the control point. This is all done against the clock and the fastest team/individual wit the most correct codes wins.

Fourteen of our scouts attended and were split into 3 teams. Bremore 1. Bremore 2, and you guessed it, Bremore 3. Such imagination.

Peter, from Stamullen Scout Group gathered everyone together and explained what was going on and what the scouts needed to do. We have not done any orienteering previously so this was a new concept. All of our experienced PLs were studying for mocks so this was a chance for the APLs to take charge and show what they were capable of.

The teams had 2 hours to complete the course and return to base at the from of the castle. They were sent out at 10 minute intervals to make sure there was no cheating and simply following the group in front. There were 3 teams from Rush and from Stamullen as well. It took a while to get everyone started and the scouters waited patiently (armed with Hot Chocolate and Coffee ☕️ from the café) for TV teams to return.

Some of our scouts had to head off early due to other commitments , but everyone enjoyed running (strolling) around the park with their scout pals on a sunny Sunday morning. Spending time together solving problems and having fun makes for stronger relationships and better teamwork.

As Spring 2023 approaches, we'll try to get out as much as possible to facilitate and encourage more teamwork and relationship building to allow our scouts become friends for life.

Thanks to Peter from 20th Meath Stamullen for organising a fun event for scouts and organising a bit of banter for the scouters too.


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