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Venture Camp Day 3


Go put the kettle on and make a cup of tea. This might take a while.

There was a rush out of the tents this morning to make sure they didn’t get the Grumpy Hat. The last two were Emma and Ciara (in the same ⛺️) who had to burst out, with Emma just shading it so Ciara got to wear the hat for the day.

A quick breakfast and we were off to our only pre-booked activity of the week. We had hired bikes and were going to cycle part of the Western Greenway from Achill to Mulranny and back.

What can we say, it was amazing. We had perfect weather for it. The lads at Clew Bay Buke Hire sorted us out and sent us on our way. A friend of Brendan’s joined us for the day as well and gave us some of the local history of the area and the Greenway itself. Thanks ROR.

After a couple of KM there was a slight downhill and a right hand turn. Jess decided to turn us to admit defeat, but then thought better of it and jammed on the brakes. This caused a skid on the gravel and grazing of the hands and elbow. A bit nasty. Herself and Mary decided to head back “for a nice lunch”.

The rest of us continued on and stopped in Mulranny for lunch. The scenery was amazing.

We went a bit further on after lunch, but as we were getting tired we decided to turn back. Adam, Donal, Brendan, and ROR went on a wed KM further, but then decided to turn back and try to catch everyone else up. It wasn’t too difficult as they got stuck in s few traffic jams with the locals.

It was a tough slog back against the wind and we got fairly spread out. We all made it back by 4pm though which was great going.

Since we were in the Sound, we went food shopping in SuperValu. Let’s say we need to work on quantities and leave it at that. Cough Cough - 1 BBQ to make 2 dinners on 2 days for 13 people. WTF??

Despite this, dinner was again super. BBQ 🐥 kebabs with 🌶

For dinner we had cake and the obligatory cake reviews for the venture Instagram page.

For this evening’s entertainment we decided that we would have a Scouts Own on top of the Minaun Cliffs at sunset. A Scouts Own is time to reflect and just be in the moment. It took a while to get everyone in the correct frame of mind, but when we did it was amazing. One voice talking and telling a story, with everyone else listening and reflecting as the sun set on a brilliant day.

By the time we got back to camp, we were shattered and headed for bed, but not before the girls got to video chat with Sean and Rhys who are representing our group at Roverway in the Netherlands while brushing their teeth in the bathroom - hence the tiles. Well done lads. We hope you’re having as good a time as we are.

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