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As it was the first meeting of the month, it was uniform inspection. As usual, most of the scouts scored quite highly, with a few exceptions.

The scouts had asked previously to spend more time out and about doing stuff rather than spending each meeting in the hall. So tonight, we had our first ever Wide Game. This is where the scouts go out into the community and play a game over a large area, usually in their patrols. We had devised a sort of a trasure hunt around our town. They had to asnwer the following questions:

  1. What is the number to call to get a clam released in Barons Hall estate?

  2. How many disables parking spots are at the Garda Station?

  3. What is the height of the railway bridge at Bath Rd?

  4. How much is an 8oz Fillet Stak in Harveys?

  5. What time is the first train to Drogheda from Balbriggan on a Tuesday?

  6. How much is ti to park in the Train Station for a week?

  7. How many steps are there from the beach up to the path?

  8. What is the road number at Chapel Crescent?

  9. How far is it from St. Peter & Paul’s school to Drogheda?

  10. What date was the bus timetable introduced at Westbrook

The scouts also had to find the following:

  1. Something Fuzzy

  2. Something Hard

  3. Something Orange

  4. Something Wet

  5. Something Metal

  6. Something Long

  7. Something Handmade

  8. Something Blue

  9. Something Big

  10. Something Special

The scouts were given a specific time to be back at. For every mminute they were late, points woudl be deducted form their overall score.

See how some of them got on here.

While the scouts were out and about on the Wide Game, the leaders had a planning meeting to get the next few weeks leading up to camp sorted out.

The Raven Patrol were first back and had almost everything ont the list. The Jaguar Patrol was next, but they were missing a few patrol members. They were followed by the Wolf Patrol, which consisted of only two scouts tonight. The Cobra Patrol were the last to arrive back. All of their answers were checked and their items were verified. We ended the meeting outside and as it frew to ao close, the two missing scouts appreared. They were given a stern talking to and reminded that they were supposed to stick together as a patrol.

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