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Fingal County Cub Challenge Day

It was a wet and windy Sunday morning as the cubs were dropped off by their mums and dads. Brackenstown Den is a large building but as we approached we could see that some of the surrounding fields were also being used for the activities. Once all the Bremore Cubs had arrived we began by dividing then into 2 teams. Each team would then be sorted in to a working group. This group was made up of 3-4 cub teams from across the county.

The way the day works is that each group would move from base to base completing scouting challenges. A base is a set where cubs are challenged to show how well they perform at a scouting skill like fire lighting, pioneering to cooking outdoors. So each cub would go around in their group from.base to base. To add an extra challenge to the day, each team has to take care of an egg in a ballon! If the egg and balloon survived the day the team was get an additional 25 points!

So the day set off and the 2 Bremore teams were split up and off they went.

They worked in the rain and the muck and the wind. But most importantly they worked together! We have been focusing the Cubs on building up their team building skills. They learnt that they needed to listen more to each other, not to just grab the ropes and drive in but to see if everyone understood the task at hand and to ensure everyone got to participate.

A quick lunch and off they went again.

At the end of the day our two teams gathered in the hall for the tallying of the scores! But there was a tie for 2nd place! Bremore team 2 and Martello 3 in Skerries then had to have a tie breaker quiz..3 simple questions, well simple if you had the answers, were asked. A quick review of the answers and Bremore were deemed the winners of the quiz! So the team placed 2nd over all. It was a great result and we are sure that it was due to their scouting skills and also the fact that they kept their egg in one piece.

The cubs had fun, met others from the county and went home feeling a little bit prouder to be a member of 89th Bremore but more importantly prouder of themselves.

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