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Venture Camp Day 5

Day 5 dawned with the wind at 6am as predicted. It was blowing a howler so most of us were up bright and early. I say most, but not all. Today’s recipient of the Grump Hat was none other than Ella. I know. Surprise Surprise 😳

Breakfast was a tight squeeze as a lot of folks decided to use the camp kitchen. 

The plan was to get up and get gone to explore Westport for the day. It took a while to get everyone organised and sorted, but we got on the road by 10:30.  

When we got to Westport the scouts were given 💰 for lunch and a photo Treasure Hunt to complete by 4:30. We had a few bits and pieces to pick up for the dinner while they were completing it. We had some time to kill so we relaxed in our own way 😉

The scouts needed to get photos of lots of various things around the town. One of which was Foxford. 

On the way home we had a few Bops in Brendino’s car (video to follow) 🎥 🍿. We stopped at Achill Sound to buy ankle bracelets. Then Brendan took us on a tour of Achill. We saw Ashleam Bay, which is amazing by the way. We passed by the Gaeltacht house of Aisling and Ella, but it was full of smelly boys now so we didn’t say dia dhuit. 

From Dooega we headed to Dugort, but not before we lost Mary. She missed the turn. When she caught up, we couldn’t hear her give out to us because we were too busy singing Loser by Beck. She was not impressed 😡. 

In Dugort we got stuck in a traffic jam. As Jess said it was a total cowtastrophy 🤣😂🤣 when we arrived back at site Brendan and Mary drove right to the kitchen as they had the food and stoves. Brendan and Donal got to work on the dinner . Nothing fancy. Just a big fry up. 

After our adventures in Westport everyone was fairly wrecked so we just took it easy in the games room. Brendan taught us some new card games including 99 and Aber Hösen. It also turns out that Adam is the best cheater with an Ace up his sleeve 😏. 

It turned into a fantastic clear(ish) night, with Emma able to show everybody where North was using the ⭐️ s. Some headed for bed while others stayed up to chat by the tents. 

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