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Scout Meeting 9th October 2014

Another great meeting tonight. Started off with introducing a new member, Jack, to the Eagle Patrol after our opening ceremony. We played a game called twister where the scouts had to run in a circle and try to tag the person in front if them or change direction and tag the person behind them. There were plenty of red faces following the game.

We asked the scouts to bring down their hiking gear for inspection prior to our first hike this weekend. Ciaran went through the gear as well as the country code and buddy system. It looks like everyone has what they need.

Next we played a relay game where the scouts had to crawl between each other’s legs and race to throw a ball to knock a cone off a table. The Eagle patrol were clear winners.

We then had a chat about the design of the group badge. Some of the scouts had done some designs and will bring them either on Saturday or next Thursday. Halpo, the county training coordinator, then talked to the scouts about the Tom Crean Challenge , the Adventure Skills badges and scouting in Fingal Scout County.

After that we briefly went over our CHARTER. We made it an acronym.

Courage Honesty Adventure Respect Teamwork Environment Rethgual – Laughter Backwards for the craic.

Fiona is going to do it up on a sheet and frame it and we are all going to sign up to our group charter.

We finished with a balloon bashing game with the two patrols lined up opposite each other on the floor and they had to get the balloons past each other without getting up off the floor. Again I think the Eagle Patrol won.

Everyone is really looking forward to the hike on Saturday.

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