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Scout Meeting 21st April 2016

The Jaguar Patrol had planned the first game for after our opening ceremony. Emma looked a bit confused when she was reminded, but after a short consultation with her patrol the light bulb went off and everyone was told to head outside to the basketball court. The game was Stuck in the Mud. Luke, Anthony, and Finn were chosen to be on. The game went on for a while with no apparent end in sight. Following Brendan’s mantra of “A quick game is a good game” he pulled everyone in for a new game. It was called everybody is up. Simple game of chasing where everyone is “on” or “up”. Once tagged you have to sit down on the spot. The game was played on one basketball court to minimise the area and thus make it a quick game. This game was followed by a game of bandage tag. Each scout has 3 lives. When tagged you must bandage the spot you were tagged in with your hand. If tagged again, you must bandage the second spot. With two hands as bandages you cannot tag anyone else but you can still run around. If tagged a third time, you must sit down.

Following the games it was time to work on our Emergencies Skills. Thomas and Fiona took the scouts for Stage 1 – 2 and Alan and Brendan took the scouts for Stage 3. Tonight the scouts on stage 3 were going to be covering CPR. First though, they quickly reviewed the work from last week DR ABC. For the CPR, They had dummies to work on and Brendan and Alan went through the steps to the procedure (Once Jessica had shown them how to inflate the dummies and get their chests to click) Oops!!! Each of the scouts had a go. We had antiseptic wipes to clean the dummies after mouth to mouth each time. Most of them seemed to get it straight away, with one or two being a little reluctant. CPR is a Life Skill that everyone should know so it will be practiced more next week.

Following the Badge-work, the Puma patrol took a bench in the middle of the room and had a review of the County Shield. They each told the rest of the troop about various aspects of the competition camp they had been on the previous weekend. They all had a really great time and didn’t find the competition too taxing. They were all tired and cold (it was below freezing on the Friday night), but wanted to keep the team together for next year and try to improve on their place of 9th. The leaders all said how proud they were of the patrol and that it really was a triumph and an achievement considering how little gear or experience the group has. They made the competition sound like such a good thing to do that nearly all of the scouts wanted to attend next year. We’ll have to see about that.

Unfortunately, the review ran on longer than anticipated and we didn’t get to do our planned quiz. We’ll just have to move that to next week.

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