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Scout Meeting 22nd January 2015

We had another great meeting tonight. A few of the scouts were sick and so couldn’t attend, but we had another 2 new girls start with us - Roisin & Caitlin. We have probably reached our max number now at 24. Any more and we might be overloaded!!!!

We started the meeting with a couple of games of Stuck in the Mud followed by a game of Dunny Flush (very similar except when caught you have to hold your arm up at a right angle and to be freed someone else has to pull your arm down to “Flush the Dunny”). Because it was so icy outside, we played the games inside, which meant that they were over quite quick. So the games then evolved into everybody’s up – Chasing where everyone is on and when caught you must sit down where you’re caught.

Next we moved on to our Pioneering. We reviewed the knots again that we had learned previously and explained about lashings. As part of the Stage 2 Pioneering Badge, the scouts need to be able to tie square and tripod lashings as well as make small gadgets from bamboo and elastic bands, Fiona too the Cobra patrol to do square lashings. There were only 4 of them at the meeting so they all got to have a few goes. They mad a throne for Aoife their PL. See Below.

Ciaran had the Jaguar Patrol for the bamboo building. They built and hour glass tower and a dresser

Alan worked with the Raven Patrol and showed them a new Lashing – The Tripod lashing. They were all gathered around and watched him demonstrate how to do it. Then Ella and James had a go at tying one. Ella’s was good, but James’ was excellent. Dara helped him by leaning on the bottom of the spars to keep the top off the ground so that James could get underneath to tie a really tight lashing. Brendan was floating between the 3 patrols giving a hand where it was needed.

When all of the lashings were done, Brendan went through some of the theory for pioneering.

  • Why it was good to follow instructions

  • How to contact the emergency services

  • How to prepare and store the equipment needed for pioneering etc.

To finish off the meeting with a bit of fun, we had a relay game. The scouts were split into 2 groups. the lined up and one scout had to throw a ball to the first person in the line. One they caught it, they sat down in the line and the thrower then threw the ball to the next scout in teh line. First team to finish was the winners. Simple, yet fun.

Before we ended the meeting, we reminded the scouts that we will be hiking on 31st January. We asked them to ask their parents for lifts as we will be heading to the Dublin Mountains. We also reminded them that they will need proper boots, backpacks, and rain gear and asked them to bring them along for next week.

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