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Patrol Leaders Council

The Patrol Leaders Council is a forum for the scouts to meet with the leaders and discuss how everyone feels the program is going. We had our first meeting tonight. Unfortunately Jessica could not attend.

We discussed several items

  1. Games and activities at meetings – We had previosly asked the Patrols to give us a list of games and activites that they wanted to do/play at the Thursday Meetings. Each Patrol met and the PLs gave us a list. Some of the ideas were great.

  2. Adjustments to Partols – The patrols seemed unbalanced to the leaders so we decided to try to rebalance them by moving a few of the scouts around. This was done in consultation with the PLs and APLs

  3. Uniforms – It was decided that we would stick with wearing the uniform every second week. It would be easier to remember this way.

  4. General Feelings about the Group – The PLs and APLs seemed genuinely very happy with the level of activity and how the troop was running. We let them know that they would be getting more responsibility from the leaders as time went on. Their first task will be to run a game in 10 days time at the scout meeting. The APLs will run a game the following week.

The meeting went well and we will schedule another one when we start to plan our next six week program.

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