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Tent Pitching @ Scouts

We had been blessed with the weather for the past two weeks for our continued tent pitching, and tonight was no different. We had heard reports that the rain was on it’s way, but there was no sign of it at all. This was great as it allowed us to keep up the momentum and make sure that each patrol got a chance to pitch the Icelandic tent that we had borrowed from 98th Skerries Scouts.

After our opening ceremony, we played Hungry Hippos.We changed it up a bit this time. There were 6 different colour balls, so each patrol was only allowed to collect balls of two colours. Any balls that they shouldn’t have collected were counted against their score. We only played the one round as we knew we needed to go out for tenting.

It was the Cobra Patrols turn to pitch the Icelandic. Their PL wasn’t around tonight so APL Luke stepped up and took charge. Again the whole process was explained by Brendan and Alan was his beautiful assistant. The Jaguar and Raven Patrols pitched the dome tents with Ciaran and Fiona. Explaining how to pitch the tents was great as we could show the scouts the best way to do it and explain why each step in the process was important and why to do them in order. Again, the pitching & taking down of the tents took up most of the rest of the meeting and it was nearly dark when we had finished.

It was time to finish up the meeting when we got back inside. Before we did though, we asked the scouts how many of them were planning on going to the County Challenge Day. Unfortunately only 3 of them were available so we decided not to send anyone. It is a bit of a pity, but it was only arranged at the last minute and I guess that people already had plans. Next week we will be looking at what gear to bring on camp and how to pack it into a rucksack.

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