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Scout Meeting 28th May 2015

We began our meeting tonight with a game of Swing the Bacon outside. It was fast and furious and and believe me when I tell you that PIGS CAN FLY. Ciaran was doing the swinging for the first round and Brendan for the second, and the speed was epic. Ellie wanted to have a go at swinging so the leaders joined in the game. If we thought that Ciaran & Brendan were crazy, it was nothing compared to Ellie. Ciaran was the first to go when he was hit by the high flying bacon……… under the armpit. We all know that Ciaran is vertically challenged, but a hit that high is a bit out of order.

So we had finished our 4 week program of tent pitching in preparation for camp. However there is more to camping than just pitching tents. The scouts are going to be cooking for themselves on camp and so they needed to prepare a menu for the weekend. They needed 2 suppers, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 1 dinner. They sat in their patrol corners and “discussed” what they would like to eat and who was going to cook it. It took a while and with a bit of help from the leaders (like suggesting that they would need milk with cereal and butter with toast), the menus were prepared. It is going to be an interesting camp on the cullinary side as we don’t know how many of the scouts have actually cooked a meal before. Nobody is going to starve though.

While the patrols were in their corners, Ciaran gave them a challenge. They were given a scenario of having to abandon ship and were in a life raft with a list of 15 items and they had to list them in order of importance. They were

  • mosquito netting

  • 30 litre container of fresh water

  • a case of army rations

  • maps of the Atlantic Ocean

  • 10L can of Petrol/oil mixture

  • 20Sq. foot sheet of clear plastic

  • a can of shark repellent

  • 15 feet of nylon rope

  • 2 boxes of Mars bars

  • AN Ocean Fishing kit and pole

  • A compass

  • An inflatable cushion

  • A dinner plate sized mirror

  • A bottle of 80% proof Rum

  • A small hand torch

Depending on where you ranked them versus an “expert” opinion you got a score to let you know how well you survived or even if you survived at all. There was some fierce debate over some of the answers. Have a think about it and we’ll give you the answers next week.

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