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Start of Paddling Skills Badge for Scouts

We had two kayaks and all of the associated equipment for them at our meeting tonight because we were starting our Paddling Adventure Skills Badge. Before we got to that though, we headed out to the basketball court for a game of 1,2,3, where the scouts have to run either a side, and end or a diagonal of the game area depending on the numbers called. The really clever scouts just figure out where they need to end up and go to that corner. The mathematically challenged end up running all of the commands. Dara was the winner, with some scouts dropping out after only a round or two because they were wrecked from a few short sprints

When we got back inside, Brendan started going though all of the kayaking/paddling gear that he had brought. There were 2 kayaks, multiple wetsuits, PFD, Cags, dry pants, helmets, ropes, paddles etc. The idea is that we cover off the theory side of stages 1 – 4 of the Paddling Adventure Skills Badge and then spend some time on the water in the next few weeks and on camp this summer to complete the practical aspects of the required skills.

Brendan with his “skirt”

We covered off things like how a wetsuit works, why you should listen to instructors, how to contact emergency services, Weils disease as well as the parts of the boat and paddle. There was a lot of information and the scouts were given some homework too. They had to make a poster demonstrating the safety rules for swimming. We are looking forward to seeing them next Thursday.

Since we are going camping at the weekend, we decided to refresh on a few of our lashings. We got out the gadget poles and everyone tied a square lashing. We planned to build a table on our campsite so that everyone can eat comfortably. We will need a lot of square lashings to build it.

We finished off the meeting with a reminder of where and when to meet and also to bring all of the gear they need as well as the food for camp. The weather is looking good so it should be a great weekend.

So last week at our meeting we asked the scouts to put the items below on order of importance for survival in a life raft at sea.

  • mosquito netting

  • 30 litre container of fresh water

  • a case of army rations

  • maps of the Atlantic Ocean

  • 10L can of Petrol/oil mixture

  • 20Sq. foot sheet of clear plastic

  • a can of shark repellent

  • 15 feet of nylon rope

  • 2 boxes of Mars bars

  • AN Ocean Fishing kit and pole

  • A compass

  • An inflatable cushion

  • A dinner plate sized mirror

  • A bottle of 80% proof Rum

  • A small hand torch

The “expert” answers are as follows:

  1. A dinner plate sized mirror

  2. 10L can of Petrol/oil mixture

  3. A small hand torch

  4. 30 litre container of fresh water

  5. a case of army rations

  6. 20Sq. foot sheet of clear plastic

  7. 2 boxes of Mars bars

  8. AN Ocean Fishing kit and pole

  9. 15 feet of nylon rope

  10. An inflatable cushion

  11. A can of shark repellent

  12. A bottle of 80% proof rum

  13. A compass

  14. Maps of the Atlantic Ocean

  15. Mosquito netting

We won’t go into the reasons behind them all, but suffice to say that the mirror and petrol can help you to get rescued by signalling. Next you will need water and then food. There are no mosquitos in the Atlantic so that is why that item is at the bottom.

How did you do?

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