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Annual Camp 2015 - Day 5

Thursday on camp was our big day out. The day started out like every other, flag up auction and breakfast. Once this was done we got ready to go to Strandhill for some surfing. On the bus there was a stage 2 of the singing from the night before. Soon as we got to Strandhill surfing school we were kitted out with our wetsuits and booties and then had to go change, for some of us this took quite some time.

Once we met our instructors and headed down to the beach we got our first lesson which was on the boards on the sand. Then it was into the water which was rough enough at times with massive rolling waves, some of us found our balance quite quickly others struggled slightly but we all had a blast.

It was back onto the bus after getting changed and dropping our wetsuits back to the surfing school and on to Sligo. At Sligo we all broke into small groups and went for lunch and shopping. The leaders went for a great lunch together to celebrate our first camp. When we finished in Sligo we all piled back on the bus after getting a variety of items, from books to vinyl records to posters of rappers that nobody had heard of, but it definitely wasn’t Jimi Hendrix.

The scouts had clubbed together and bought a lovely chocolate cake for the leaders, which was cut and consumed when we got back to site. We have the best scouts ever and no, we didn’t share. Nom Nom.

While the cake was being eaten we had a bit of free time and then a game of rounders was organised. The game was good but it became clear quite quickly there was a difference of opinion in the standard rules of rounders. Apparently 3 strikes and you run is not a rule????

The Hammocks had been left up from the night before and it was optional to stay in them. Most of the scouts did, but one was not feeling well and two others decided they preferred the tent. So Fiona decided to take one for the team and stay in her tent. Alan felt it would be unfair on Fiona to stay on site on her own so he decided to stay on site too Ciaran and Brendan showed how hardcore they are and stayed in the hammocks again. It was absolutely deadly craic.

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