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Annual Camp 2015 - Day 7

The final day of our first ever Summer Camp with #89thBremore scouts dawned bright and early. There was still a lot to be done. We needed to get a lot done. Tents needed to come down, gear needed to be packed away, and the site needed to be cleaned. Breakfast was a done and dusted with what was left over. There were rice crispies, cake, toast, biscuits, fruit, you name it.

The van was coming at 12 to collect the gear and the bus was coming at 12:30 to bring everyone to the train station.

All of the gear was piled up by the leaders site and when the van arrived we were able to get it packed away in no time. Soon after, the bus arrived and we piled in to go to the train station.

There’s not much else to say. We left the site spotless as it should always be. There were a few snoozers on the train and when we arrived back in Balbriggan the gathered group of parents were delighted to see their returning prices and princesses.

And that was camp.

What a way to start??? Next year will have a lot to live up to.

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