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Fingal Scout County Camp 2015 - Larch Hill

This was our first camp of the year. Groups from the whole of Fingal Scout County were there. Our Cubs came with us, but not the Beavers. Some groups had Beavers on camp, but not us. The Bremore Beavers will be on camp next weekend.

We arrived at Larch Hill on Friday at 7 o’clock. Because it would be dark by 7:30pm, Brendan and Alan had arrived up early to pitch some of the tents so that we would not be pitching them in the dark. THANKS!!! We pitched the rest of the tents. We had hired a big Mess tent form Larch Hill and we all put it up together.

After, each patrol went down to collect gadget poles to build our altar fires. Some of the patrols went to go collect firewood for the fire. After, we then had a delicious supper. Each patrol had their own supper. The raven patrol had mini pancakes with Nutella and hot chocolate. After, everyone went down to the opening ceremony at the campfire circle. We sang a couple of songs and then everyone went back to the camp and got ready for bed. We all went to bed on our tents late enough.

On Saturday, after breakfast, we all went and collected more firewood and redone our altar fires. We left for a “massive” hike at like 10 o’clock in the morning. The Cubs went on the hike too. About half way through the hike, most Cubs and some Scouts left and back to camp while the other continued on. There were amazing views on the top.

When we finally got back to camp, we did the knights tournament, where we had to go to different bases and at each base there was a game. It was good fun. You were able to get a badge.

We then finished the tournament and lit our altar fires. We then cooked dinner. It was gorgeous. After dinner , there was a trade fair. When the trade fair was over we had supper. Everyone toasted marshmallows.

After, we headed down to the big campfire and each group sang songs. Everybody sun Happy Birthday to Sophie at the campfire, for the second time. The first time was before the campfire and we had cake. After the campfire was over, we all went to bed.

On Sunday, the last day of camp, we had breakfast and then cleaned our tents and took down our alter fires. Then we did the stepping stones. That’s when some of the cubs that are old enough to join Scouts, Abby, Eva Nicholas and Ben joined Scouts. They are very welcome. After, we took down the tents and went home after a great camp.

This is how clean the Billys are after our 1st Camp using them. How long will they stay in this condition?

Sophie (Birthday Girl) – Ravel Patrol

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