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Tonight was another very special night for our new scouts and the former cubs who had recently moved up to scouts. They were to be invested into the scout troop. We decided to hod the investiture at the start of the meeting so that parents/guardians and family could attend. We began the investiture straight after we recited our Charter to open the meeting.

As Group Leader Brendan said a few words of welcome to the parents and explained about the ceremony and why it is important. Each PL then brought forward the members of their patrol to be invested.

From the Jaguar Patrol, Emma brought forward Cleo, Shane, and Hannah

From the Raven Patrol, Ella brought up Amy and Ciaran

From the Wolf Patrol, Ciara brought up Ellie, Abbey, and Eva

From the Cobra Patrol, Aoife brought up Ben and Nicholas

The leaders had decided to have a chilled out meeting so, following the investiture, we tried to play a new group game called the Werewolves and the Villagers. In a big group, everyone went to sleep (closed their eyes) and Brendan picked two Werewolves who woke up and decided to kill somebody by pointing at them. Then they go back to sleep. A seer is then selected and told who one of the werewolves is. Then the whole village wakes up, except for the person who was killed by the werewolves and the whole village has to decide who the werewolves are and kill them. They might get it wrong or they might get it right. The villagers might kill an innocent person. The game continues with the remaining villagers going to sleep each night until the werewolves are found and killed. We probably had too many for the game to work really well, but everyone enjoyed it. It’ll be one for camp.

Brendan Selecting a Werewolf

After the game, a deck of cards was given to each patrol for them to play some games in their patrols and just relax, have fun, and get to know each other a bit better. There were games of Poker, Snap, Switch and the leaders played a few hands of 99 and Rummy too.

We find that it’s good to have a meeting every 6 weeks or so where we just play some games and have fun. It helps to energise everyone and make sure that we are not always too serious. In saying that, it was great to combine the Investiture with one of these meetings.

Congrats and welcome to our 10 new scouts.

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