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Weekly Scout Meeting

We started off our meeting this week with our charter of course; courage, honesty, adventure, respect, teamwork, environment and laughter (backwards). As it was the first meeting of the month, we had a Uniform Inspection.

We then played the most thrilling game of “get three cans (not at the same time) and put them on your chair “. It was very fun and very competitive!

After the energy release game we split up into our badge groups of hill-walking, pioneering, air, emergencies and backwoods. This week the backwoods group went outside to light fires, the emergencies group had their assessment and the pioneering group made tripods. The Hillwalking group were working on the route card for our upcoming hike.

Lastly Ciaran went through a light pack for the planned hike with everyone. We then were dismissed not to return for a whole week!

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