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Scout Meeting 11th February

We started off the meeting by Ciara leading a game of spoons. The aim of the game was to get 3 spoons on a chair but you could only take one spoon at a time. Everybody enjoyed the game and it was a close call for the winning team in the end.

Secondly, we sat in our patrols and Brendan told us about how Alan completed his leader training. He was presented with the Gilwell neckerchief. This means he is now a member of the 1st Gilwell Scout Group. All of is here at 89th Bremore are very proud of him.

We then split up into our badgework groups. This was our last week working in these groups. In emergencies, we did scenarios about real life situations. It was confusing at first but we soon got the hang of it.

We have our first hike of the year this weekend so hopefully we will all enjoy that


APL Raven Patrol

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