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Scout Meeting 18th Feb

Tonight’s meeting was a fairly chilled out one. We had completed the six week program cycle on the Adventure Skills so this was a time to review what we had learned and how things had gone on our hike at the weekend.

Ciara started the meeting with a game of speed and skill. The scouts were split into 2 teams at either side of the hall and each scout was given a number. In the middle were 3 spoons. At the end of the hall were 2 chairs. When the scouts numbers were called they had to get out of their place and try to get 2 spoons on their chair, but they could only carry one at t a time.

Following the game, we reviewed our hike from last weekend. Everyone thought it was a great day out in the woods and on the mountain. The scouts were happy with the skills that they got to practice on both backwoods and navigation.

Next the scouts had a Brain Storming session about activities to do on Summer Camp. Ideas were floated such as:

  • Sailing

  • Wildlife Park

  • Sky Diving

  • ZipIt

  • Fishing

  • Build a TreeHouse

  • Rock Climbing / Cliff Jumping / Abseiling

  • Water Activities

  • Hammocking

  • Treasure Hunt

  • Hike

  • Airsoft

  • Spend a Night on Spike Island

  • Orienteering

We’ll let you guess which ones were discounted straight away and which ones were put into the maybe and definitely piles. Of course it would be great if we could get to do everything, but that just won’t be possible due to time and budget constraints.

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