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Scout Meeting - 3rd March 2016

As it was the first meeting of the month, it was a uniform meeting with full inspection. This was carried out straight after we recited our charter as we do at the start of every meeting.

Following the inspection, which is nearly always very well turned out, Brendan presented Fiona with her 20 year service award. It was the right time and place since everyone was in uniform. Brendan gets to make all of these types of presentations since he is the Group Leader. Aoife, one of the PLs ran a quick game (which by definition should have been a good game). The scouts had to get in pairs from one end of the hall to the other only using only three feet or two feet and two hands etc. It took a while to explain and figure out what exactly the rules were or even what the idea was, but everyone seemed to enjoy it nonetheless.

Following the roaring success of the game we broke into Patrol Corners to finalsie the plans for next week’s Ready Steady Cook Challenge. Menus needed to be agreed and shopping lists created. Wash-ups were to be rostered. This took about 15 mins to get done. While everyone was still in their patrols, they had to give presentations to the rest of the group on the history of our scout group and scouting Ireland. The presentations were part of their Terra Nova Badge and covered topics such as how we picked our neckerchief colours, where our group flag and badge came from, how the group came to be. Each patrol stood and took it in turns to go over the information that had gathered over the past few weeks from speaking to leaders and doing some research. Some of the information was a bit dubious, but as they say,


We were to have a quiz to end the meeting. Everyone loves a quiz, especially Brendan, but this time Alan was the one who set the questions. Unfortunately Alan couldn’t attend the meeting so Brendan took great pleasure in reading out Alan’s quiz questions and letting everyone know that they were definitely not his questions. By the looks of bemusement on the faces of the scouts with questions about cult 80’s TV shows, Brendan’s questions will be most welcome back next time.

As the meeting ended the scouts were reminded that if they wanted a new hoodie in the group colours to bring the money next week.

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