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Ready Steady Cook

Emma was running the first game of the meeting tonight. She needed the scouts to split into groups of 6 or as close as possible. For some reason this took FAR longer than it should have done and the scouts didn’t get to play as many rounds of the game as they should have done. Sometimes the scouts are too chatty and seem to just want to mess around. The idea of the game was that the person at the back would draw a symbol on the back of the person in front of them and the person at the front would call out what the symbol was. They would then rotate positions. We only got to have 3 goes at the game.

Next it was straight on to the Ready Steady Cook Challenge. There were gas rings set up outside on tables with pots and chopping boards and kitchen utensils. The idea was that each patrol would cook a meal only using one pot. We had a bit of difficulty getting one of the regulators on to the gas canister, but it seems brute force and ignorance sometimes work really well. Oh by the way, it was Alan and Ciaran who managed to get it on. We’ll let you figure out which one is the brute and which on is ignorant ;-p

Unfortunately there were only 3 patrols able to cook as the Wolf Patrol had planned to do a wonderful Chicken in sauce, but the scout who was bringing the chicken couldn’t come and the leaders decided that a pot of sauce didn’t really warrant the dirtying of a pot. So there was a stir-fry, a curry, and a pasta dish. Thomas elected to stay outside to keep an eye on the scouts who were cooking.

The rest of the scouts were inside. Following the cough!! cough!! success of last week’s quiz cough!! cough!! Ciaran though he would give it a go and arranged a table quiz for the patrols to partake in. He assured everyone that all of the questions were relevant to the past 5 years. So there were no 80’s or 90’s TV Show questions relating to The Hoff.

Well, I think the consensus was, please come back Brendan or Alan, all is forgiven. There were five rounds with questions like what is the circumference of the planet? and how may elements are in the Periodic Table? Honestly, who knows the answers to these questions apart from Ciaran? It turned out that of the patrols, the Jaguar were the winners, but Alan & Brendan put in a good performance too answering about half of the questions correctly. It was the “Modern Music” round that let them down.

By the end of the quiz the meals were ready and were enjoyed with great gusto. They turned out better than anticipated by anyone and it would seem that we have a lot to look forward to on camp in the future. However the aftermath and clean up left a a good bit to be desired and will need some serious work in the future.

At the end of the meeting, the scouts were reminded of the Cancer Support 10K event on St. Patricks day and of course of the Parade in the afternoon. They were reminded that these are official group activities and that they are expected to attend. Special Interest Badges would be awarded to those who attended.

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