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Goodbye & Good Luck

Our Thursday night meeting was full of mixed emotions, as it was Ciarán’s last meeting until next year. It was a uniform week so we were inspected.

We played a great game called 1,2,3 out on the basketball court. It was a patrol challenge this time with a patrol in each corner instead of playing individually. The last person to make it to the designated corner was eliminated and the winners was the patrol with the last members left. It was a great energy releasing game.

We then split into two first aid groups . Jessica ,Ella and I were in charge of the stage ones . I think we did a good job.

Ciarán was sent on a job as we all signed his card . When he walked back into the hall, we surprised him with a lovely cake that Jack had gotten him.

We all ate the cake and someone *cough cough Jack * managed to get it all over the ground and his face .I wasn’t impressed when the Cobra patrol was put on duty we said our good byes and wished him well.

Scrum for Cake

So Ciarán if your reading this we hope you are doing well and don’t miss us too much

Aoife – Cobra Patrol

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