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Scout Meeting 5th May

We had planned to have a great meeting tonight. Some members from Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team were due to come in to us to give a talk to the scouts about safety on the hills and what they do when they are tasked with a rescue. They were going to show the scouts some of the gear and techniques they use when they are searching for and treating a casualty. Unfortunately, at the last minute, they were called out to a search for a missing person in Wicklow and so could not make it in to see us. We will reschedule the presentation with them again, but it did leave us a bit short for the meeting.

Unfortunately, Alan was not well and Brendan had to attend a separate meeting about getting a den for the group so it left Fiona and Thomas running the show. Brendan was able to be there for the start of the meeting and so he, Fiona, and Thomas conducted the uniform inspection as it was the first meeting of the month. As usual, the uniforms were excellent. Black Socks and everything.

Following the inspection we went outside for a game of Stuck in the Mud.It was great craic. The PLs were on initially, but couldn’t catch enough people so the APLs were put on with them too. As usual it was great fun and everyone really enjoyed the game.

After the game, it was time to recap on and practice any Emergencies Skills that the scouts were not so confident on. We had planned a big event for next week, which you can read about in the next update so everyone wanted to be comfortable and confident that they knew how to respond to and treat an injured person. This took a bit of time as there was only Fiona and Thomas to coordinate it.

Before the meeting ended, there was a very exuberant game of Crab Football. In fact it was so exuberant that when Brendan came out from his meeting, he, with Thomas’ help, had to put one of the ceiling tiles back in place.

Everyone was reminded that we are meeting at the Martello Tower next week at 7pm for our meeting. With that, the meeting ended.

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