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Day 7 - Last day of #VentureCamp2018

It bucketed down with rain last night💦💦💦, but this morning when we woke, the sun was shining ☀️. The decision was made to break camp before breakfast as there is nothing worse than packing up in the rain and there were some dirty looking clouds on the horizon. Everyone pitched in and helped each other out. 

When all of the group gear was packed away mostly dry, we grabbed the remaining food and headed to the camp kitchen. We had just the right amount of cereal, milk, fruit and bread. But this is Ventures so we also had Custard Creams, Malteasers, Chocolate Spread, and Pop-Corn of course. 

When washups were done and the kitchen tidied, we started to pack the cars. It was like a giant game of Tetris™️ plus we had an extra body and gear to bring home. However we managed it without too much discomfort. 

Soon it was time to say goodbye to Achill. Ciaran headed off first as he had to take a detour to Balinrobe to collect Adam’s wallet, which he had lost, but some lad found in the beach and tracked him down. The plan was to meet in Longford again for a bit of lunch. 

There wasn’t much talking on the way home. Everyone was wrecked after a full on week of camp and there was a bit of snoozing going on (not from the drivers). We let the parents know our ETA and pushed on. 

Brendino arrived first in Longford, followed by Mary. The scouts hit McDonolds while the leaders went to the café. The detox has to start. 

When we got back to base, Martin, our QM, was there to meet us. We didn’t have too much group gear, but we wanted to put the tents up to dry fully and air out. He checked in all the gear and we were good to go. The parents met us at the stores and greatfully received their children back. 

So that was it. Camp was over. We’ll go back in a few days to put away the tents, but for the scouters of 89th Bremore, this was the final official scout activity of the year 2017/2018. The ventures have an overnight camp planned with hammocks for mid August as a prep for Ventact at the end of August, which will kick start their new scouting year, but for the scouters, it’s another year done. 

Some big changes are coming, with Mary taking over as Group Leader from Brendino, the first scouts are becoming scouters, some more new scouters joining us, and our Rover section getting up and active with more than just 1 member. 

After 4 very successful summer camps this year, it’s time for the scouters if 89th Bremore to take a well deserved break so that we can come back energised and full of beans for next year. 

The final thing to let you know is that the Grumpy Hat was awarded to Ciara in the final day of camp 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. 

Brendino will keep it safe and unwashed  until our next camp when it is sure to make an appearance again 😡

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