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Scouts move to new Ventures ahead

It was the turn of the Scouts to have their link ceremony.

The day arrived when it was time to say adieu to our oldest scouts as they continue their scouting journey on to ventures. Unfortunately we had a couple of sick scouts who were unable to make it last night and who were missed but otherwise we had a pretty full house.

We were joined by Mary and Brendan from the venture section who welcomed the scouts that are moving up .. the link ceremony.

Fiona F who unfortunately could not join us due to work commitments, put it nicely in her message read out to the scouts... this was another moment in the history of the group, that these were the last of the "original" scouts that had joined her in her section when the group started. We were saying 'bye to these young adults and next week welcoming some of our "original" beaver scouts who had journeyed through beavers, cubs and now were joining the scout section. But more on that next week. Because last night was all about new beginnings, exciting things ahead for the kids moving on and the kids staying.

So it was time to start the link ceremony...

We also said hello to Dimi who has joined us from Cubs as one of the new members of the scout section. The kids and us are very excited to have him on board. We look forward to working with you !!

Now time for a challenge. This went down really well. All that is needed is a:

1. bunch of scouts

2. length of rope

3. blindfold - necker will do

4. loud voice to carry over talking scouts

All scouts are to get in a circle, hold rope whilst putting on blindfold (they can work out that bit of juggling themselves). Task: whilst holding the rope makes themselves form a square, still blindfolded. Watch the pandemonium ensue. This was so so funny. So many chiefs, so many voices, no-one listening to each other. Of course this is the point of this exercise.

Once the kids were happy that they were in a square formation they took off the blindfolds to their dismay and amusement they weren't in a square at all!

We tried it again. This time they were given a few minutes to figure out how they would do it this time around. Fantastic discussion and teamwork and logic ensued.

We resumed the position. Get set go. Within 3 minutes this was the result.

Plan of action in place

Communication / listening to a democratically elected voice

Result - a perfect square!

The scouts were impressed and deservedly so.

The rest of the night was pretty busy, we carried out a review of camp and discussion around house rules, charter etc etc .

We announced our patrol leaders and assistant patrol leaders, but more on that next week when we have the full patrols together.

After loads of "I'll miss you" and "see you in school tomorrow" we called it a night, yep it was a busy emotional evening ... we know how you feel kids!

See you all next week!

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