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Urban Hammocking - Well a Tutorial Anyway

A couple of weeks ago Brendan shared a post about the benefits of hammocking. This resulted in a bit of discussion around hammocking generally and finally a comment around how to put up a hammock with confidence.

From that came a tutorial from Brendan with two scouters that were available last Saturday day. The result of this was another demo today with a selection of Scouters from across all our sections - Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Ventures.

It was probably ideal that the weather conditions were not idyllic shall we say. We had proper strong winds as you will see from some of the photos, the hammocks were billowing in the "gale". We had a light shower of rain too!

We were not to be deterred however and got started.

Brendan started with the hammock, we were using a "scout" hammock, it is a very simple hammock without the mosquito net, but perfect if you are putting hammocks above each other.

We tied the hammock around two supporting trees. Everyone took a turn to sit/lie in said hammock and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get into and out of and that it wasn't going to fall or that you were going to flip over and out of it.

We then dealt with the tarp.

Once everyone was happy we divided into pairs and grabbed a hammock and tarp and put them up. At this point you'll be glad to hear the sun came out which was very welcome although the wind was still quite strong.

Michelle Ready 2 Go - Handbag and all

We had a couple of visitors whilst up on the green, one of our scouts came down and had a go.

A couple of cubs snuck in!

Oh and another cub and beaver scout!

No words, saying nothing !

So thank you Brendan for taking the time to show us how to become familiar around hammocks and thank you to the guys for coming up to give it a go. I think there'll be a little order going into [choose your favourite hammock supplier :)] soon.

The scout section will be contacting their QM for a few hammocks for their upcoming camp that's for sure!

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