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St. Patrick's Day 2016

Bhi an La Feile Padraig againn. Translation – We had a great St. Patrick’s day.

It started out bright and early at 8:15am when we met with the Cubs and their leaders at Balbriggan Cancer Support Group. We were going to be assisting them in the running of their 10K & Half Marathon event. They have it every year on St. Patrick’s day and people come from all over Ireland to participate. This was the first year that Bremore Scout Group were involved. The cubs were to be at the finishing line giving out medals to competitors and the scouts were helping out in the Car park.

In fairness the Cubs probably got the better end of the deal as all of the excitement and music was where the race finished. However, the scouts did get to have a couple of meetings regarding their upcoming shield competition and sort out a few items like their menu and some of the jobs.

We have to give a big shout out to one of our Beaver Leaders Sue who completed her first ever Half Marathon. All of the cubs and leaders were there to cheer her across the line and give her a well deserved medal. All of the cubs and scouts also received a medal and goodie bag for helping out on the day.

The event finished close to midday and everyone had to rush home to get a bite to eat before heading down to participate in the parade at 1:15pm.

We marched in our local parade last year and so if we did it this year, it would become a tradition. We are still a new group so we are all about creating traditions. We had a bit of difficulty getting hold of our association flag, but that is another story for another day.

It was a beautiful day and sun shone down on us all. There were a lot of people marching in the parade from all of the local clubs and groups. There was s huge crowd and it was great to see so many smiling faces. When we got to the town hall, we stopped and performed our group yell. All of the Beavers and Cubs loved it. Some of the scouts are a bit too cool for school, but we know that they love doing it too. We marched on up the through the town. We were towards the front of the parade so we got to see the rest of it pass us by when we stopped marching. We cheered them all on too.

When it was all over, we headed back down through town to meet some friends and family. It was then that we saw Amy coming back up the road towards us with a trophy. Apparently we had won a prize. It was for the “Best Marching Group in Uniform”. We were delighted. We were not even aware that there were prizes awarded. We’ll have to get a trophy cabinet to put it in and we suppose a den to put the trophy cabinet in. May it be the first of many.

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