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Summer Camp 2019 Day 3

Sean joined Brendan, Donal and Adam on the morning run - just a bit further out the road this morning. They were all back in time for Flag Up at 8am. Nicholas was just getting out of the scratcher and so was awarded the Grumpy Hat today.

Following a swift breakfast - it was off to Battlezone Archery for the morning activity. The was where teams got to shoot (foam tipped) arrows at each other. Alliances were made and broken and reformed with head an body shots allowed. There was no stealth what so ever and all scouts and ventures were reluctant to actually shoot at each other until Brendan told them to get stuck in. Then the arrows flew. All too soon the fun was over. There were no injuries apart from some bruised egos.

The weather was so hot the scouts decided that it time for ice-cream. Luckily there is a tuck shop on site so the leaders generously granted some free time and the scouts chilled out by the shop listening to some music.

Lunch was French Toast and there was plenty to go around. We had planned an afternoon of Pioneering some bigger projects, but given that the weather is due to break tomorrow and was so fine, we elected to change a few program activities around and head to the beach for the afternoon. We had visitors on site today as Catherine arrived down with Luke, Arran, & Keeva. They know the area quite well and recommended Carne Beach. It was handy that they also had a few empty seats in their car and could help spin us down to it along with Brendan and Fiona.

The ventures decided to walk to the beach, but elected to get picked up when all of the scouts had been dropped first. so they headed off about an hour before the scouts. They needed some alone time, away from the scouts........... and Bugsy. Nobody tried to squirt them with water from the car as the scouts drove past. Did they Alex?

First in the water was Seanie, but first to dunk under the water was Sarah. There was some great swimming done in the Tropical waters. It was beautiful.

To help dry off the scouts were sent to run down the beach so that they can warm up and air dry. Then some of the Ventures challenged the leaders to a game of football. BIG MISTAKE. It was Ben, Adam, and Darragh Vs Donal, Bugsy, and Brendan. Even though the ventures were joined by Alex from Scouts, the leaders won 10-0. Yes 10 - 0.

Following that resounding defeat, it was time to get everybody back to site and start preparing dinner. Brendan and Sean went off to reccy the site for our backwoods activity tomorrow. They reported back that it was wild enough to be adventurous.

The scouts and ventures got stuck in to wash-ups after everyone had eaten their dinner. We're glad to see that this is now becoming second nature to them. There will be no need for dishwashers when they get home. Some of them are getting a bit too fond of the pink marigold gloves though.

The night times entertainment was a quiz organised by the Ventures. Everyone split into 3 teams. Adam was the MC or Host with the Most (of what, we're not sure) while Ben, Daragh, & Nick were the markers. Some of the questions were easy enough like how many books in a trilogy, but some were a bit more obscure like "who takes your breath away?" and "Who invented music?".

In the end it came down to a tie-breaker. Closest to the correct answer was the winner. The question was "According to the most recent census, what is the population of Balbriggan? Zoe on Bugsy's Babes team said 22,000. The other team said 22,001. Sadly the correct answer was 21,700 and something, which meant that Bugsy's babes were the winners. Not that Bugsy would ever bring that up again, and again, and again.

Flag down was done int the dark following the quiz and everyone was sent to bed. And so ended another excellent day on camp. Plenty to look forward to tomorrow.

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