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Scout Meeting

Our second meeting went very well. We started off with an opening ceremony, where we all saluted the World Scout Flag and then we played some games to get everyone moving. We played stuck in the mud in the hall and the went outside to play North South East West. This game was to introduce our theme of map reading for the night.

The scouts are to plan a hike and do we started on the basics of map reading. Alan and Ciaran took one group and Fiona and Brendan took the other. We learned about Grid References and symbols on the map. Some if the scouts were given tasks to do for next week to help plan the hike e.g. Get train times and costs. Ciaran then showed everyone what gear to bring on a hike.

While everyone was still sitting down, we went through our section charter. This is a set of rules that we all agree to sign up to. The scouts were asked to come up with them and the leaders might add a few more. It is to be discussed again at our next meeting.

Before we finished the meeting with a salute to the flag again, we had a quick game of ladders. There were no Major injuries.

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