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Scout Meeting 11th December

Tonight's meeting didn’t go as well as previous ones. Mostly due to the fact that the leaders didn’t have a firm plan in place, but also due to a change in location and Fiona not able to attend.

We started off with a game of Pair Bashing. It took a while to get the scouts to sound off in 2s. They were very giddy, and so kept getting confused. I suppose it is the silly season though. Some of the scouts elected to run out of bounds and hide, which made the game a lot less fun.

Next we continued on with our Emergencies Badge work. Some of the scouts brought down First Aid Kits and we went through them. We wanted to make sure that they know what was in their first aid kit and how to use it. Some brought more than others and some didn’t really know what they had.

Following on from the demonstration Ciaran gave last week of the Recovery Position, we went over it again. The scouts then paired up and practiced the manouver. Again, it took a while and there was some messing, but everyone was able to show us the correct procedure when we were done.

The last event was round 2 of the Quiz. There had been a complaint about the questions from the first round so round 2 was made a bit easier. Again the Cobra patrol emerged as the big brains, followed by the Raven patrol and then Jaguar.

We finished the meeting with a few announcements.

  • Firstly that we are going bowling for our meeting next week with the beavers and cubs in Drogheda. Everyone is to wear their neckerchief and be at the school at 6:15.

  • Secondly, there is a gift mass in aid of SVP on Sunday morning and everyone is welcome to attend in full uniform.

  • And Thirdly that we will be moving to a new meeting venue in January and that the parents will receive an e-mail with all of the details

We closed the meeting and gave out Selection Boxes as a Christmas treat. See, even though Fiona wasn’t at the meeting, the scouts still managed to get some treats.

Lesson learned from this meeting – make sure to have a meeting plan

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