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Group Christmas Outing

For Our Christmas Party, the whole 89th Bremore Scout Group went bowling in Drogheda. It was organised by Sinead (a cub leader & Alan’s wife). We met at the car park in Supervalu @ 6:15pm. There was a bus organised and some leaders were driving. Only one scout traveled on the bus, due to car sickness. The rest of the scouts piled into Alan, Fiona, Phelim & Catherine’s cars (Beaver Leaders).

When we arrived we split into 11 teams. Each team had some scouts, cubs, beavers and a leader. We then started bowling. It was great craic. James even brought his own bowling ball, not that it did him any good ;o)

Due to the amount of people participating and some technical issuues with the pins resretting, we didn’t get to finish all of the games. We will have to reconvene again to find out who the ultimate bowler truely is.

When the bowling was over, we headed upstairs to the restaurant to get some grub. It took a while to get everyone fed, and there was plenty of laughing and joking going on. We were having a great night. Then Alan and I noticed that Finn, didn’t look well at all. He was pale and holding his arm. I took him aside and asked what had happened. He said that he fell off his seat and landed on his elbow and that it was really sore. He had previously broken his collar bone and was worried he had done some more damage to his arm. I checked him out and used his neckerchief to put it in a sling. Mary assessed him as well and we reckoned that he had done some damage to it, but it didn’t appear to be broken. It was just time to leave and Finn sat beside Mary on the bus on the way home. When his dad collected him we told him what had happened and he said he’d take him for an x-ray. The night had been a great success and it was a shame that someone had been injured. Accidents do happen though.

As it turned out, Finn had chipped a bone in his arm/elbow and was in a cast by the next morning. It just goes to show that you never know what will happen next.

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