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Hungry Hippos @ Scouts

After last weeks relaxed meeting, this meeting was going to be a bit more intense. We had planned to finish off our Pioneering Stage 2 badge with a pioneering project, but before we did that, we wanted to release some energy and play a fun game. Last week we played some “board games” so this week we decided to make a real life version of Hungry Hippos. Alan got some boards made up on coaster wheels and we tied some sisal to them. Fiona got a bag of balls and some basins. The scouts lay on the boards and were pushed out into the middle of the room to gather up the balls using the basins. It was brilliant.

Check out the video here

Ciaran took the new recruits outside to go through a few basics of scouting and start preparing them for their investiture, which we hope to have in a few weeks time, while the rest of the scouts set to work on building a dresser. The built two tripods and braced them with spars. Then they tied on some cross beams to link the two tripods. They had to measure carefully so that their basins would fit in without falling out.

It took a while to complete because there was only so much space for a few lashings to be tied in. Some of the csouts were really great with the knots while others needed more help. You can really see the leadership skills coming out. In the end, the dresser was built and it looked great. A dresser is a “Gadget” used on camp for washing up or storing equipment on.

The dresser took a bit longer than we had anticipated so we didn’t have time to go over food preparation and hygiene for next weeks meeting when we will be cooking Backwoods Style at the meeting. We did however tell the scouts to bring the food that they will need to prepare.

We also confirmed with the PLs and APLs that we will be having our second PLC next Tuesday after the Cubs meeting.

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