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Patrol Leaders Council

This was the second Patrol Leaders Council. All of the PLs and APLs attended as well as Brendan, Ciaran, & Alan. Before the meeting began, Ella, Emma, Aoife, Luke, & Emma helped the Cubs to practice the Bremore Yell © for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

At our meeting we then discussed the upcoming Easter Camp where the PLs and APLs have been invited to attend for a day and a night to see what it’s all about. Aoife can’t make it and Jessica is unsure as her sister is due s baby around then.

Next we went over options and plans for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We decided that we wouldn’t have time for the project we wanted so we made an alternative plan. All will be revealed on the day. It was a great Brainstorming session with Brendan and Aoife coming up with some great ideas.

We then went on to the next Program Cycle, which will be Backwoods. We man to go over hygiene and food prep on Thursday as well as cook some grub. The PLs asked about badges and we told them that we’d be giving out some more soon. Hiking and Pioneering. They said they’d like to do some water based skills so we agreed to try some kayaking, which Brendan is proficient at. Perhaps the Skerries Sea Scouts or Malahide might help us out.

Finally we asked the PLs to look into an overnight trip to a Hostel or Adventure Centre. They are to come back to us with options.

We reassured them that the leaders are there to support them and they said that they were happy with how things are going.

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