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St. Patricks Day Parade

As this is 89th Bremore’s first year in existence, there are a lot of first for us, but this was a big one. 17th March 2015 marked our first appearance in the Balbriggan St,Patrick’s Day Parade. The Cubs and Beavers put a lot of work into getting ready for the day. They made hats and flags. The scouts decided not to dress up, but rather tot wear their uniforms. We had an idea to build a campfire and have it as a float and then all of us could gather around it and sing campfire songs. Alan and Brendan built it last night and Sinead, one of the cub leaders, helped to decorate it. It was a tripod on a trailer with red, orange and yellow creppe paper for flames.

We met up on Bath Rd. along with all of the other groups marching in the parade. We got our new Group Flag yesterday and the whole group lined up behind it. We also had our National Association and International Scout Flags. Aoife held the Association Flag and Finn held the International Flag while Sophie and Ciara held out our Group Flag in front like a banner. The Group Flag is HUGE, and would have been too big for a flag pole.

At 2pm the Parade started. We were 7th, right behind Stamullen Scouts. The Parade when right down through Balbriggan town. The crowds were amazing and everyone was cheering. The whole group was really enjoying the event. When we got to St. George’s Square where the main stand was, we stopped and performed the Bremore YELL. It was received really well by the crowd there and everyone cheered for us.

We continued on up the road to the end of the Parade route where after the rest of the parade had passed, parents and friends came to congratulate us and collect their kids. We all had a super day and are already looking forward to next year and planning for it.

Fingal County Council Video

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