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Welcome Back to Year 2 of 89th Bremore

First meeting of year two of #89thBremore Scout Group

On our first night back at Scouts we first of all spent a while talking and catching up with everyone.

After that we were introduced to all of the new people that started. We have 5 new scouts and will have another 4 joining from Cubs in a few weeks’ time.

We then went outside and played a fun game of dodge ball that included a lot of laughing and screaming.

As part of our Plan Do Review, we then went inside and everyone who went on the Summer camp to Lough Keel talked about their likes and dislikes from camp, it was great for all of the scouts that couldn’t be there to hear all the funny things that happened!

We spent the rest of our evening in our Patrol Corners coming up with ideas of what we could do over the next few weeks to come.

Before we went home the leaders told us about the October camp, and information about patrol of the month, which each week one person from the patrol has to write in the log book .That person writes about what we done at the meeting.

-Aisling Raven Patrol

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