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Scout Meeting 17th September

We started our Thursday meeting with our charter. Followed then by a game outside “here fishy fishies come into my sea and play!” It might be getting a bit too dark to play outside as during the second game, Shark Finn and Ciara McCann collided and bumped heads. Ciara came out the worse for wear and had a sizable lump on her head.

After that we came inside and made mini bows and arrows. We cut notches into lollipop sticks, decorated them and used dental floss as string. We then used cotton buds as arrows. However when we tried to shoot them none of us would have been, well, exactly Katniss Everdeen yet!!

We finished off our meeting by getting into our patrol corners and preparing a menu and jobs rota for our camp in larch hill.

Ella – Raven Patrol

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