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Scout Meeting

We started our scout meeting with our Charter.

  • Courage

  • Honesty

  • Adventure

  • Respect

  • Teamwork

  • Environment

  • Laughter

We then played a game with chairs. The challenge was to get your patrol across the room on chairs at the same time without anyone touching the ground. Jaguar were Victorious again with both Cobra and Raven struggling to do even one length of the hall.

After, Ciarán showed us what to pack in our rucksacks. The new scouts wrote lists on what they needed to bring as this was their first camp.Re

the rucksack packing demo.

Ciaran was assisted by Emma, he demonstrated the order in which to pack the bag. How to roll the clothes to make best use of the space, discussed how much of everything people need to bring etc.

There was a lot of laughing and giddiness at this meeting.

We finished off our meeting in our patrol corners and discussed our camp in Larch Hill, in October. The focus of the Patrol Corner was to finalise the arrangements for getting food for our menus etc and to try and arrange it between ourselves.

Sophie – Raven Patrol

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